A sampling of comments from Marian Hall residents indicates that they enjoy the physical, spiritual, and emotional balance they find here.
“The staff is excellent. Turnover is low, so we get to know them very well.”
“Rooms are kept in immaculate condition. The services, like laundry and housekeeping, are exceptional.”
“Nurses are always available, and medication delivery is always on-time.”
“There is a lot to do here … if we want to do it!”
“This is a great facility. The grounds are gorgeous.”
“I very much appreciate the religious and spiritual opportunities here.”
“I hope and pray that I can live here the rest of my life.”

Family members of Marian Hall residents also appreciate our services, as these comments demonstrate.
“We are very blessed to have each of your fine people caring, in one capacity or another, for our mother in such a warm, kind, gentle, loving manner!”
• “Thanks for the great care and loving support you and your staff gave mom and us during her time with you.”
• “Words fail to express the depth of our gratitude to you, so we’ll just leave you with Jesus – He knows, cares and rewards…”

“What I admired most and personally witnessed from everyone was their genuine love for all people, but in a very special way, their love for my mother. My entire family was so pleased to see our mother treated with such respect, dignity, kindness, and compassion.”
“We are all grateful every single day for the wonderful, loving care that you and your staff give my mother.”
“The love, concern, and kindness shown by all of you for our mother, for her happiness and well-being, were overwhelming!”
“The setting, attitude, and available care are the best by far.”
“Marian Hall is a country club for the elderly - it doesn't get any better!”

Marian Hall staff members offered some related insights.
“The best thing about working here is the residents. They always provide us with opportunities to learn and show us their graceful natures.”
“The blend of residents and our staff members provides a healthy, home-like atmosphere.”


Marian Hall Home, Inc. welcomes all who need us without regard to race,
color, gender, religious preference, or national origin.
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