The determination of an individual's need for personal care falls primarily with the individual and his or her family members. Often medical advice on this matter is received from personal physicians or other health-care professionals who are familiar with the individual's needs.

All residents at Marian Hall need assistance with certain activities of daily living, which we provide. Residents are required to be able to feed themselves and to be ambulatory within their own rooms. Use of walkers, canes, and (in certain cases) wheelchairs can help meet this requirement.

Residents pay for their care at Marian Hall Home through a variety of methods, which fit into three major categories.

• Private financing Individuals often have the personal financial resources to pay for all or part of their needed care
• Private insurance Some individuals have previously purchased long-term-policies, offered by some insurance companies, that subsidize all or part of their cost of care
• Government programs Some individuals are eligible for aid provided by local, state, and federal government agencies

Our Administrator will help you determine the best course for financing your stay at Marian Hall Home. We are also happy to discuss the ways that many individuals are helping others at Marian Hall Home through charitable giving.